Real estate is one of the most traditional ways of earning interest and there are several types of investments in this area. However, the biggest profits in the real estate market have always been restricted to the professionals - investors with great amount of resources who apply their money to build the project. URBE.ME is a company of real estate investment who breaks this statement, using concepts of crowdfunding to make this kind of investment available to everybody.

Through URBE.ME, investors can join real estate projects with high profit rates with an amount as small as 5 thousand dollars and invest directly from their computer, tablet, or even from their smartphone. Through eliminating mediators and bureaucracy, that are usually present in the traditional investing systems we can increase the potential profit for our investor.

We believe that no investment portfolio is complete until it doesn't have a share allocated in real estate, and we proudly offer a simple and profitable way of doing so.
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Make profit and diversify your investments

Receive periodically your earnings in your bank account and generate a constant flow of profits. A passive income is the first step towards your financial independence. Besides, having a diversified portfolio is the golden rule in investments. Allocating a share of your money in real estate can help you decrease your risks and provide you with solid profits.

Make simple and fast investments

Just a few clicks with your mouse and you can become a real estate investor. After booking your investment through our website you confirm it by transferring the money using Wire Transfer. There are no costs and no bureaucracy, and this process of investment takes only a few minutes. In the end of the funding period your investment title will be issued.

High performance projects

We make a strict selection of the projects that will be offered through our website. We carefully evaluate the estimated profits, risks and warrants for the investor. We only offer projects of solid and financially healthy builders.

Follow your project and your profits

Through the page "My profile", you will have access to your history of profits, to your cash flow, to information about the ongoing project and to the documentation that establishes your right to a participation of the sales.

About Us

Paulo Deitos Filho
Lucas Obino
Giancarlo Chiappinoto
Eduarda Fabris
Cristiano Selbach
Carolina Souza Pinto
Franco Miotto
Manoela Obino

Solve your doubts

Research in our data base of frequently asked questions and find quickly what you are looking for.


What is URBE.ME?
URBE.ME is a Brazilian real estate crowdfunding platform that allows both Brazilian and international investors to invest in the Brazilian market. We simplify and make real estate investment possible for everyone.
Why is it good both for the small and the big investor?
The traditional way of investing in real estate required a high minimum investment and was conditioned to having a close relationship with the developer of the project, facts that prevented the small investor from joining this market. Through URBE.ME the small investor will have access to these opportunities that were previously restricted because the minimum amount for investment required by the platform for foreign investors is only $ 5000. Still, the big investors are also benefited in several ways: first by simplifying the investment, since the whole process is done online, without the usual bureaucracy; investment through URBE.ME has a higher liquidity than investments through SPE (Specific Purpose Company)/ SCP (Participation Company) because you can offer your own title to the developer of the project or to the other investors; Furthermore, it creates the possibility of risk reduction by diversification. For example, you can invest $ 250.000 in four different projects instead of investing R $ 1 million in a single enterprise. Finally, as the investor is a creditor of the enterprise, the risk involved in a corporate investment is eliminated.
What are the advantages of crowdfunding?
By investing collectively through URBE.ME you are taking part in a market previously available solely to big investors. Through crowdfunding, a big sector of the economy with great opportunities becomes available to everyone.
What is the evaluation criteria used to select projects to raise funds in the platform?
The projects are selected based on three fundamental pillars: developer's financial health and experience, project's economic viability and positive urban impact.
How does it differ from a real estate investment trust?
Through URBE.ME you are investing with higher returns directly in a single project, choosing the one that you identify with. For it is only one project, the controls and transparency are also facilitated. In addition, real estate trusts are only available to projects that need a big amount of resources, differently from URBE.ME, where smaller but quality projects also have a chance.
Anyone can invest?
Any person over 21 or company who holds enough resources can invest.
How does the investment work?
The investor creates an account in the platform, makes an investment reservation of the amount he would like to invest and confirms the reservation by transferring the money into the account that will be mailed to him once the reservation is concluded. After the end of the funding period, the investor will receive his title of investment and will be allowed to check the project’s progress by accessing the “My dashboard” area.
How much can I invest?
The minimum amount for investment is $5.000, and the maximum amount is only limited by the total funding value still available for the project.
Which fees do I have to pay URBE.ME?
URBE.ME does not charge you any fees. The fees involved in the transactions are the developer’s responsibility and may vary from project to project.
Can I make more than one investment in the same project?
Yes, it is possible to invest more than once in each project. You can monitor the status of the different capital injections through “My Dashboard”.
I have a limited amount that I can transfer at each transaction by wire transfer. What should I do?
If your limit is lower than the amount you want to transfer you can make multiple transactions until you reach the full extent of the investment you booked. Keep in mind that, in this case, the deadline for approval of your reservation is one business day after the last portion of resources has been transferred.
What financial operation am I carrying out by investing in a project?
By investing you are acquiring a title of debt with gives you the right to a percentage over the VGV (General Sales Value) of the project. This title has the legal form of a Loan Agreement, and will be your warrant against any unexpected event. This agreement is extra judicially enforceable, therefore it gives you extra security regarding the receivement of your investment.
When will I receive my title of investment?
The Loan Agreement will be issued 5 business days after the end of the funding period. If the project has more than one series, the funding period accounts for each series individually.
How do I end my investment before the due date prescribed by the contract?
You may end your investment by offering your share to the incorporator, to any other investor in the project or to another person in your personal relationships. This transference, however, will be conditioned to the interest of these people to take your place; URBE.ME provides no warrant that it will occur. In order to help you, we rely on a tool with which this communication is made in each project.
Can I invest offline?
No, the investments are only available through the online platform. Should you have any questions about how to proceed, do not hesitate to contact URBE.ME either by phone or by email and we will be happy to guide you step-by-step.
What is the financial reward of the investment?
The financial yield of each offering can vary according to each project’s factors and market oscillations. Each project discloses on its page the expected ROI based on economic viability studies*.

*URBE.ME has no control over the project and therefore does not guarantee the real financial returns to be equal to the expected earnings. Please read carefully the investment rules and prospects before investing.
Are the financial returns calculated based on the project’s financial results, being subject to cost of construction, cost of sales, etc.? How are the returns calculated?
No. The earnings depend solely on the overall sales amount of a given project, and not on its net result. By investing in a project through URBE.ME, the investor acquires the rights over a proportional share of the overall sales volume (known in Brazil by the abbreviation VGV). The formula is: VGV * (Investor’s share in the project).
How will I receive my share of the project’s earnings?
After the units begin to be sold (which in Brazil usually happens even before the construction starts), the results will be calculated periodically, and the investors will receive their share directly in their personal bank account.
How do I know my money is protected?
All the undertakings made available by URBE.ME must be registered as a segregate estate. Segregate estates are projects that have an exclusive patrimony attached to it. This patrimony can only be used to pursue the corporate object of the company, in this case, the incorporation of the undertaking. This model provides assurance for the investors that their money will be used solely on the project. This is a warrant that the project will be successful since the resources will be placed on it. You can read more about the in this link:
Is investing online safe?
The investment is carried out exclusively by wire transfer. After transferring the money the investors will receive their investment receipt and the earnings will be deposited in their personal bank account. During the period of the funding your money is locked in a joint account that belongs to URBE.ME and the incorporator. The resources will only be moved after the offer is successfully finished.
Does this investment modality comply with current legislation?
Yes, the public offering is approved either by CVM (the equivalent organization for the American SEC) and/or by SEC, in which case it is under the Rule 506 of Regulation D of SEC’s Securities Act. The transfer of the money is registered by the Brazilian Central Bank.
If an unforeseen event takes place such as stoppage or interdiction of the construction, delays, insolvency of the developer, and so forth, do I lose all the money invested?
No. In the event of insolvency or bankruptcy, you will be considered creditor of the company. Therefore, you will be able to recover the investment. This is one of the great advantages of this investment modality over the traditional equity-based investments, which inexorably entails loss of capital in the event of the company’s insolvency. If the developer stops the construction, the company is bound by law to return the investment to the investors adjusted by the minimum warranty estabilished on your Loan Agreement. With URBE.ME, there’s always a minimum warranty, but it can vary according to the project or the series in which the investment has been made. It can be the “poupança” (Brazilian safest investment option, which has a ROI of around 6% per year) or a percentage of the CDI (Certificado de Depósito Interbancário or Interbank Deposit Certificate).
What risks does the project entail?
The investments carry high risk and can yield variable returns, following each project’s specific description. URBE.ME advises you to cautiously evaluate all the information provided by the developer in order to make your own risk vs. opportunity assessment.
What is my responsibility over the undertaking?
As you are only lending money to the developer, you have no responsibility whatsoever over the undertaking. All the responsibilities are the developer’s only. To the investor, the only two variables of interest are the price of sale and the speed of sales. The higher the sales price is and the faster the units are sold, more profit you will make out of the investment.
What happens if the total funded amount does not reach the minimum value for viability?
If the minimum funding value is not reached, then the invested value will be sent back to the investor adjusted by the “Poupança” (Brazilian safest investment option, which has a ROI of around 6% per year).
What happens when the funding period ends?
When the funding ends your title of investment will be issued. In up to 5 business days, an electronic version, that has the same legal value of a physical one will be sent to you. It will also become accessible to the investor the panel of the project, on which information from the undertaking e.g. pictures and videos of the building, due dates for the construction, percentage concluded from each stage, amount and price of units sold, cash flow of the project and an online forum where the investors can talk and ask questions directly to the incorporator. Your investment title will also be available on your panel, digitally signed by the project developer and two witnesses; if you want, you will be able to download the file to your PC. In the end of each period set by contract, the VGV (General Sales Value) will be verified and the respective distributions of profit will begin. You will also be able to check it in your panel, besides the tax value withheld by the project developer.
What happens if the developer fails to sell all units until the determined deadline?
The value related to the remaining units will bear interest at the Brazilian base interest rate (SELIC) or 100% of the CDI (Certificado de Depósito Interbancário or Interbank Deposit Certificate).
What is the difference between the “estimated time” and the “deadline for returns”? What do they mean?
The “estimated time for returns” is the developer’s forecast about when they will have received the payments of all the sold units. The “deadline for returns” refers to the moment when the developer has the obligation to pay you back, even if all the units have not been sold yet.
What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a crypto which allows fast, cheap and simplified transactions. These transactions can be made between anyone, in any corner of the world, without minimum or maximum limits. To learn more you may access this webpage: https://bitcoin.org/en/faq#what-is-bitcoin
What does Bitcoin has to do with URBE.ME?
Bitcoin is the tool we use to allow non-resident investors who don’t have a bank account in Brazil to invest through URBE.ME without fees or bureaucracy. Furthermore, URBE.ME was born with the goal of cutting off intermediaries, and so did Bitcoin!
Only foreigners and non-residents can invest with URBE.ME through Bitcoin?
No! If you live in Brazil and liked the idea, you too can invest using the tool.
How do I invest using Bitcoin?
To use this resource you must press “Invest Now” in URBE.ME’s website, reserve the amount you wish to invest in reais and, after the account number of the incorporator has appeared, press “Payment through Bitcoin”. By doing that, the team from Foxbit will contact you and help you with your transaction.
Will I receive the money through Bitcoin too?
Bitcoin will be used only as a way of transferring the money, given that in Brazil it will be transformed in reais, so if you live in Brazil you can choose whether to receive in reais or in the crypto. If you live abroad, your money will be sent to you in Bitcoin.
Is this legal?
Yes. The Central Bank of Brazil has already addressed the issue and declared that it will not make a specific regulation over Bitcoin until it represents a significant trade amount in the brazilian economy. That means that, until this moment, the crypto is not submitted to any taxes by the Brazilian government.
Which taxes will I have to pay and how do I pay them?
If you live or have income in Brazil, you will have to pay income tax that may vary from 15% to 22% over the earnings of the project, like all regular investors through URBE.ME. If you do not have any income here, nothing will be due to the Brazilian government, but it is likely that you will have to pay something to your local government once the money comes in. If you have doubts about that, please contact our team, we will be happy to assist you personally.

Terms of use

URBE.ME is an electronic platform of crowdfunding (the "Platform"), witch is made available to its users and is owned by URBE.ME Ltda. – ME, Small Business ("URBE.ME") founded as a limited liability company established in Avenida Osvaldo Aranha, nº 790, 4° floor, city of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, CEP 90035-191, subscribed under Brazilian registration CNPJ n°21.013.359/0001-73.

Our goal is, through providing technology, make available to enterprises and entrepreneurs who are engaged with our terms of use (the "Entrepreneurs"), the technological tools they need to raise funds for the development of their business. In the same path, allowing interested investors who fulfill some minimum requirements, to contribute with urban development and with the real estate market by knowing and investing in projects (the "Investors").

The relationship between URBE.ME and it's users, may they be Entrepreneurs or Investors will be developed in accordance with the terms of use hereby exposed.

As you sign in the Platform, you, and any person you authorize to access the Platform through your account will expressly agree and submit to the exposed in this Terms of Use, hiring URBE.ME, in the terms disposed below, for all purposes. The access and use of the technological services provided by URBE.ME, through the Platform, is conditioned to your acceptance and compliance with the Terms of Use hereby described.

The words written in this document starting with capital letters, in plural or in singular, will have the meaning hereby assigned.

1.1. This instrument has as it's subject to regulate the relationship between URBE.ME and the Users of the Platform. As they use the Platform, the Users will be automatically and expressly bound to the Terms of Use hereby disposed.

2.1. Through the Platform, Entrepreneurs duly signed in to URBE.ME may present investment opportunities to the Investors.

2.2. Through the Platform, Investors duly signed in to URBE.ME will have access to investment opportunities in the real estate market, as long as they fulfill the requirements established in the Documents of the Offer (as defined below), if applicable.

3.1. Should be considered investment opportunities, for the purposes of this Terms of Use, the performance by an Entrepreneur, through the Platform, of the public investment offer ("The Investment"), without the support of an intermediary institution and without the development of a prospect ("Direct Public Offer"), being dismissed from registration before the "Comissão de Valores Mobiliários ("CVM").

3.2. In order to perform a Direct Public Offer in the environment of the Platform, the Entrepreneur must fulfill the basic requirements established by law.

3.3. It will be exclusively the Entrepreneurs responsibility to assure that the Direct Public Offer is completed. URBE.ME is responsible solely for the offering of the technology required, through the Platform, so that the Entrepreneur menages to exhibit the investment opportunity to the Investors.

3.4. It will be the Investors full responsibility to perform the analysis of the Offer, the marketing material and of any other information and documents made available by the Entrepreneur in the environment of the Platform, also the investor will be fully responsible for making sure that he has the minimum requirements recommended to access the Offer, as defined by the Entrepreneur.

3.5. After the release of the Offer in the Platform, it will be available during the period of 90 (ninety) days, or less, if determined so in the Documents of the Offer, so that the Investors who fulfill the minimum requirements of the offer may register their intention of Investment in the Offer.

3.6. The Documents of the Offer and also the information available in the environment of the Offer in the Platform will determine the period or the date in which the Invertor may Invest his money.

3.7. It will be the Investors responsibility to transfer the money related to the Investment into the bank account and in the date determined in the Documents Of the Operation. The examination and confirmation of the transfers will be performed by the Entrepreneur and by URBE.ME, if appropriate.

3.8. Durante o prazo para indicação pelo Investidor da intenção em realizar o Investimento no âmbito de uma Oferta Pública Direta, o Investidor, após transmitir sua intenção de Investimento ao Empreendedor no ambiente da Oferta Pública Direta na Plataforma, deverá confirmar a sua aceitação com os termos do contrato, realizar a transferência do valor investido para a conta indicada e encaminhar o comprovante de depósito para o endereço de e-mail comprovante@urbe.me.

3.9. Não sendo realizada a transferência no prazo de 1 dia útil após o registro da intenção do Investimento esta perderá a eficácia.

4.1. URBE.ME will be payed by the Entrepreneur. The amount may vary according to the work performed and the terms set between the parties.

5.1. Except when expressly determined in this terms, in additional terms or in its updates, nor URBE.ME, nor its suppliers or distributors offer any warranties about the validity, effectiveness or compliance with legislation of the Documents of the Offers and information presented by the Entrepreneurs. We also don't take responsibility for the content presented in the Documents of the Offer, for the compliance of the procedure taken by the Entrepreneur with legislation or by the reliability, availability or ability of the Entrepreneur to attend the needs of the Investors. We take responsibility, merely for the performance of our technological services, hired by the Entrepreneur.

5.2. URBE.ME does not provide any warranties of the success of the Investment to Investors, neither gives any warranties that the Entrepreneur will fulfill its obligations as determined in the Documents of the Offers or that Investors will have the return expected for their Investments.

5.3. URBE.ME, its suppliers or distributors won't be held responsible for any loss of profits, loss of revenues, loss of data, financial losses or damages to direct and indirect, material or moral damages, or any other nature of damage that may arise from the relation between Entrepreneur and Investor.

5.4. In no way will URBE.ME be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, especial or consequential of any type or nature, including, with no boundaries, loss of profit or other financial loss.

6.1. These Terms of Use may, at any time, be changed, modified or replaced by URBE.ME in order to reflect the alteration in the services provided by the company without warning its Users. However, URBE.ME will notify its Users of the posting of new versions of the Terms of Use.

6.2. The Terms of Use will be regularly consulted by the Users of the Platform. The alterations of the Terms of Use won't be applied retroactively and will be put into effect immediately from the moment of it's posting in URBE.ME's website.

6.3. The present version of the Terms of Use will replace every version previously made available by URBE.ME about the same subject.

6.4. All communication between URBE.ME and its Users will be considered effective from the moment they are received in the addresses informed in the Platform by the User or according to URBE.ME's contact information as determined in the Platform. The communication will be considered delivered under protocol, with the "communication of receipt" by email. The Users must keep their contact data in the Platform always updated.

6.5. If one or more dispositions herein are considered to be invalid, illegal or infeasible in any aspect of the laws enforceable, the validity, legality or practicability of the others won't be affected in any means.

6.6. The Users or URBE.ME's endurance or liberty towards any of the rights, duties or obligations determined in this Terms of Use won't mean novation, extinction or modification of the rights, duties or obligations hereby assumed.

6.7. This Terms of Use are valid between URBE.ME and its Users, as well as its successors by any means.

6.8. Its hereby appointed the court of the city of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, as the only capable to settle all dispute or controversy that may raise from this Terms of Use or the performing of services by URBE.ME.

6.9. This Terms of Use are regulated, materially and procedurally, by the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

Código de conduta ética do URBE.ME


Atuar como fio condutor do comportamento dos sócios, administradores e funcionários do URBE.ME no que diz respeito a ética e integridade das suas atitudes no ambiente da empresa.

Entendemos que os eventos decorrentes de atividade profissional no URBE.ME são imprevisíveis e por isto este código não visa esgotar as possibilidades de conflito, mas sim operar como suporte aos funcionários para que tomem decisões adequadas e corretas nos momentos em que estas forem demandadas pelas mais variadas circunstancias que venham a se apresentar.


Este código tem como pilares os próprios princípios que norteiam a conduta ética do URBE.ME desde a sua criação, representando um conjunto de valores e ideias que são intrínsecos à própria instituição e, portanto, aplicáveis a todos que a integram.


Responsabilidade, transparência e liberdade.

Sabemos da nossa responsabilidade por atuarmos em um mercado tão delicado como o financeiro, por isto atuamos com prudência e transparência, para que não haja prejuízo desproporcional a nenhum indivíduo que venha a interagir com o URBE.ME, em especial, aos investidores.

Paralelamente, acreditamos na liberdade como princípio fundamental nas relações humanas, de forma que este código não tem o intuito de limitar a criatividade e capacidade daqueles a quem se aplica, mas sim instruir as condutas no âmbito interno e externo à empresa.

Condutas Inaceitáveis:

  • 1. Tratar investidores de forma desigual, fornecendo privilégios advindos de vinculo prévio, relação pessoal ou profissional.
  • 2. Agir em desacordo com a legislação vigente ou com a regulamentação aplicável as ofertas públicas de valores mobiliários.
  • 3. Agir em desacordo com qualquer procedimento interno adotado com o intuito de identificar, analisar e mitigar os riscos e práticas de crimes de lavagem de dinheiro ou ocultação de bens direitos e valores e financiamento ao terrorismo.
  • 4. Utilizar-se de informações privilegiadas a respeito do andamento de projetos para desfazer-se antecipadamente de investimentos realizados via plataforma.
  • 5. Fornecer informações privilegiadas a qualquer pessoa a respeito de qualquer projeto captado ou em captação via plataforma.
  • 6. Agir de forma conivente com atitudes ilícitas por parte da sociedade empresária de pequeno porte para com os investidores.
  • 7. Agir de forma contrária ao interesse do investidor de forma a favorecer as empresas que captarem via plataforma.

Procedimentos Internos para Investimento:

  • 1. Todos os investidores devem estar devidamente cadastrados e com todos os dados obrigatórios preenchidos para realizar o investimento.
  • 2. Caso haja qualquer motivo que leve a acreditar que o investidor falsificou informações ou está se utilizando do investimento para fins ilícitos o URBE.ME irá averiguar a identidade e a idoneidade das transações realizadas pelo usuário no ambiente da plataforma, inclusive buscando entender a origem dos recursos utilizados para realizar o investimento e tomar as medidas cabíveis.
  • 3. Todos os investidores deverão apresentar foto de documento de identificação para que sejam comprovados os dados expostos no cadastro. Adicionalmente, deverá ser enviada “selfie”, ou seja, foto de rosto do investidor, segurando o documento de identificação ao lado. A definição das imagens deverá ser boa o suficiente para que a imagem do documento possa ser comparada ao rosto do investidor e as informações fiquem legíveis.
  • 4. Somente serão confirmados aportes para transferências feitas diretamente de uma conta de titularidade do cadastrado que realizou a reserva do investimento. Nos casos de conta conjunta será exigido comprovação de tal situação.
  • 5. A comprovação da devida identificação do beneficiário final se dará através do sistema de não realizar transferência de rendimentos para contas que não sejam de titularidade do cadastrado.
  • 6. Não serão aceitos depósitos diretamente em caixa para investimentos via URBE.ME, sejam eles com ou sem identificação.
  • 7. Para aportes de valores elevados, a identidade do investidor será verificada. Serão realizadas pesquisas a respeito de processos e empresas que existam em nome do investidor.
  • 8. Será verificado se o investidor é pessoa politicamente exposta. Tal dado será registrado e anexado ao seu cadastro.
  • 9. No caso do usuário ser politicamente exposto as suas transações no âmbito da plataforma serão monitoradas de forma que se identifiquem possíveis anormalidades.
  • 10. Será exigida a atualização dos dados sempre que o investidor realizar novo investimento independentemente do valor investido.
  • 11. No caso de investimento de pessoas jurídicas de valores relevantes será realizada pesquisa a respeito da empresa de forma que seja possível identificar o seu quadro societário e os seus principais administradores. No caso de companhias com controle difuso este fato deverá ser mencionado no documento resultante da pesquisa realizada.

Procedimentos Internos para Disponibilização de Projetos:

O URBE.ME verificará sempre a situação patrimonial e legal de todas as empresas com que venha a trabalhar através da emissão de certidões, pesquisa sobre eventuais processos e exigência de documentos contábeis.

O URBE.ME não será complacente frente a atos ilícitos de empresas com as quais trabalha. Caso qualquer pessoa ligada a empresa venha a conhecer de tais atos deverá imediatamente comunicar os responsáveis pela Compliance da empresa e/ou as autoridades competentes.

Possíveis Conflitos de Interesse e Termos de Investimento para Funcionários e Sócios:

Alguns conflitos de interesse podem vir a emergir da atividade realizada pelo URBE.ME, tais conflitos e as providencias tomadas a respeito estão dispostos nesta seção.

Os funcionários, sócios e administradores do URBE.ME poderão vir a ter informações privilegiadas a respeito de empreendimentos disponibilizados na plataforma. Por este motivo, foram estabelecidos termos diferenciados de investimento para estas pessoas.

Os funcionários ou sócios do URBE.ME que desejarem realizar investimento através da plataforma devem observar a seguinte restrição: não poderão vender títulos adquiridos através da plataforma do URBE.ME em função do insucesso de projetos antes que todos os demais investidores tenham tido acesso as informações que levaram o funcionário ou sócio a ter interesse em alienar a sua posição.

Também vislumbramos um potencial conflito de interesse em função da remuneração do URBE.ME estar atrelada aos investimentos realizados. Por este motivo, o URBE.ME considera uma conduta inaceitável agir de forma a favorecer as empresas que captarem via plataforma em detrimento do investidor.

Ainda, temos como um dos pilares da empresa a transparência, de forma que acreditamos que a melhor forma de dar segurança ao investidor quanto às informações fornecidas é disponibilizar os documentos que a sustentam. Desta forma, o URBE.ME sempre realiza análise de viabilidade dos empreendimentos com informações claras e objetivas, de forma que o investidor pode consultar exatamente quais as premissas utilizadas para obter a projeção de rentabilidade para o empreendimento.

Por fim, o URBE.ME tem uma alta demanda de projetos buscando recursos, desta forma, o próprio mercado estabelece as nossas prioridades no que diz respeito a clientes. Buscamos sempre estabelecer uma relação de longo prazo e de confiança com os nossos investidores, de forma que se sintam satisfeitos com o investimento realizado e voltem a aportar em projetos disponibilizados via URBE.ME.


O descumprimento destes termos pode acarretar sanções disciplinares e eventual desligamento da empresa, sem prejuízo de eventual condenação no âmbito judicial ou administrativo pelos órgãos competentes.

Cabe ao(s) administrador(es) do URBE.ME zelarem pelo cumprimento das regras aqui dispostas e gerir o Compliance da empresa.

Legislação Aplicável:

O URBE.ME adere à legislação e à regulamentação brasileira, em especial aquela aplicável às ofertas públicas de valores mobiliários.

As condutas da empresa serão sempre norteadas pelo ordenamento jurídico brasileiro quando atuando sob a sua jurisdição e, adicionalmente, pelo presente Código de Ética.

Pessoas Politicamente Expostas:

Serão consideradas pessoas politicamente expostas para os fins do estabelecido no ponto 8 das Políticas Internas para Investimento, todas as pessoas que se enquadrarem no definido no parágrafo primeiro do Art. 1º da Resolução COAF nº 29/2017.

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General Terms:
URBE.ME, always aiming the best interest of its Users and based on principles of transparency and respect towards the Investors, presents here its On-line Privacy Policy, used by the website concerning the reception, storage and utilization of the personal information made available by the Users, for the exclusive use of the company to provide the services offered in the Platform.
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Privacy of Personal Data:
All personal information (name, email, date of birth, social security number, marial status, adress, profession and any other) demanded by URBE.ME, from the registering untill the confirmation of investment are for our exclusive use and wont be provided to third parties unless by juducial order, with the express consent of the User or if it is indispensable for the fulfiling of the core activity of the company. The supplying of information by the Users constitutes autorizathion for the use of those informations with the goal of developing the activities proposed.

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